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Brief Introduction

Shared Skills Group is a leading firm established at 2017 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Provide a full range of Educational and Capacity building, Business Development, Translation, Research and Survey, Labor supply management and Logistics services and Software Engineering.
Its need emerged from the current demand mentioned services provided to various organizations. A team of dedicated experts and experienced professionals have been engaged in providing Quality based services to both public as well private sector of Afghanistan.
The spirit behind the establishment of SSG is to contribute to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan.
SSG is the consulting, Logistic and Software Engineering firm established to support the implementation of best class business management tools for both private and public sector organizations. Through our affiliation with leading experts in a wide variety of management disciplines, we enable our clients to benefit from our expertise and become better equipped to meet the challenges of their customers where quality transformation is the only constant.
Our aim to achieve the entire satisfaction of customer and partners and ultimate in service excellence through legendary customer service in significant areas of customer’s interest, The overall progress of the company has been tremendous while it has been able to achieve the confidence of its valued customers.
Our staffs are highly professional, experience; self-motivated and empowered to make optimum utilization of modern technology to the complete satisfaction of customer & stakeholders.


Shared Skills Group (SSG) was established in 2017 registered with Ministry of Commerce under the License No. 37160.We look forward to getting know you and to helping you take your individual career and company to new heights! We are an experienced management team with talented consultants and trainers providing consulting services and solutions to individuals and small, medium and large organizations.

SSG has intended to accumulate a strong and healthy market trust through a simple principle that we follow: In order to come up with the huge demand of the market.

SSG is committed to providing Training, Workshops, Seminars, and Certification & Diploma Programs by specialists for Capacity Building, Professional Development, Psychological Counselling, Audit, Taxation Services, Legal Advising, Banking, Research, Translations Services and Outsourcing to clients through optimum utilization of academic knowledge and practical experience in the mentioned field.


To be the largest domestic consulting firm in Afghanistan, to make Management Consulting a Business Discipline and to democratize business consulting competencies and skills and make them available to everyone, everywhere, with our roles as trusted consultants for Afghanistan Professionals.


We value our clients to help realize their goals, by providing solutions and exceptional knowledge and professional services. Building Careers, Building Organizations, We Believe that our success is the best reflected through your success.

Our Objectives

  • To encourage and promote women & men in establishment and development of business in the dynamic environment of Afghanistan.
  • To empower women & men by building their capacities and entrepreneurship skills to become more successful and profitable entrepreneurs.
  • To arrange efficient and effective market research/surveys and analysis for different national and international organizations.
  • To provide best recruitment services to all national and international organizations for the best match of their opportunities announced by their organizations.
  • To build consistent business relationships of a high level of reputation among all of our customers and in the market.
  • To seek innovation and new concepts with new business approaches keeping the competitive edge and to provide the market with a unique selection of latest up to date products.
  • To possess the most significant problem-solving experiences and financial aid services and thoroughly understand customers business which means better, faster, and more meaningful results.

Our Key Clients

Our major clients are Corporations, Governmental Administrations, NGOs, International Organizations.

We pride ourselves in the ability to take the “load” of our clients leaving them to concentrate on their core business and professional activities, i.e., administration, logistics, manufacturing, construction, banking, telecommunications, etc.

SSG Working Area

We are providing services in the following three major areas:

  1. Consultancy
  2. Logistic
  3. Software Engineering (ICT)

SSG House of  Excellence

Consultancy – Logistic – Software Engineering

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Why SSG ?


Shahr-e-Naw, AIB Bank Building Second Floor, Office # B10

Kabul, Afghanistan

Tel: +93(0) 202214001

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