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Logistic Services

Logistic Services

Our logistic department’s objective is to get the right materials to the right place
at the right time while optimizing the total operational costs of this process. We
offer our quality services to both public and private sectors at reasonable costs.
Our reliable and on-time delivery of shipments is vital for our client’s requirements.
We offer an array of properly organized services to different countries around
the world. Our highly organized shipment network solutions are dedicated to fast
and best shipment services at the most affordable rates.
We have become more sophisticated and aware of our customers’ needs. We have
recognized that international transport solutions are achieved not in isolation but in
partnership with the customer. Against a background of global trade and
electronic communications, we operate at all levels in the transport chain, providing
a valuable service to companies large and small.
The logistics Unit is having an aim of providing distribution and transportation to
assist organizations manage the flow of materials in the supply chain. We plan,
implement and control the efficient flow and storage of goods and services from
point of origin to point of use or consumption.
We handle the details of importing and exporting goods or local distribution
within Afghanistan.


Shahr-e-Naw, AIB Bank Building Second Floor, Office # B10

Kabul, Afghanistan

Tel: +93(0) 202214001

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